Watch: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights Talk About "The Heart" Behind Their Music.

Speaking of North Texas bands popping up on television, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights have also been involved in that game lately, stopping in to record a couple acoustic songs and an interview for Beta TV, which is a nationally syndicated TV show that airs in 146 cities, although I'm pretty sure Dallas isn't one of them.

No matter: As you can see from the interview posted above, which comes over the band performing a take of its song "Devil's Basement," band members Jonathan Tyler, Mo Brown and Brandon "Kansas" Pinckard still grasped the opportunity to talk about the spirit of rock 'n' roll and their refusal, they say, to kowtow to the trends of the modern music world -- which, to their credit, is an argument they've made all along.

Anyway, give the above clip a watch. Then, after the jump, watch a second uncut offering of the band performing its most recent radio single, "Gypsy Woman."

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Bill Dill
Bill Dill

You guys should just change your magazine's name to JT and the Northern Lights as much as you c*ck ride them....blah. : )

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