So: Which Of After Hours With George Quartz's Two "Last Summer" Videos Do You Prefer?

George Quartz is no stranger to obscure, oddly alluring music videos made with odd '70s and '80s stock film footage -- we've a number of such clips from the oddball pop performer here on DC9 in the past.

No surprise then, that, for his most recent clip, which goes with perhaps Quartz's most coolly pacde track released to date, a song for his After Hours band called "Last Summer," Quartz follows the same formula -- although, really, we've got no clue where he found this footage. Still, the aesthetic works, we'd say -- judge for yourself by watching the above clip.

Tough to say, though, if that one tops the one that's posted after the jump -- a clip of the full After Hours with George Quartz band performing the same song "live," cable access-style on the After Hours with George Quartz television show, which we really wish was a real thing.

Also after the jump: A free download of the track, courtesy of Quartz himself.

Bonus mp3: After Hours with George Quartz -- "Last Summer"

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