Night Moves: Welcome to Armenia. Also? A Dancing Panda!

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Ray and Peter Lek
For more panda, check out the Lek's slide show.
A little of this, and a little of that from this weekend. Or, more pertinently: A little panda dance and a little Armenia. It was an interesting Friday night in Deep Ellum on February 11: The Boiler Room featured Alexi Delano and a heck-of-a-lot of mushy clown noses. Also? A giant panda dancing with a ready-for-it-not-to-be-cold-anymore crowd. Check out the Lek Brothers slide show for more glorious shots of pandas dancing and clown noses.

We also have photos from Armenia. That's right, we said Armenia. While we were embroiled in the Super Bowl, our contributing photographer Danny Fulgencio was roving the nightlife 6,800 miles away. He brings back a night moves slide show, or really, more of a photo essay of the goings-on in Armenia. See the full round of those wonderful shots in his slide show: Welcome to Armenia.

Ray and Peter Lek
From Night Moves: A Dance with a Panda.
Ray and Peter Lek
We can't get enough of this panda.
Danny Fulgencio
Truth or dare in Armenia.
Danny Fulgencio
Two feet of snow and more on the way doesn't stop this barbecue in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia

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