Listomania: The 15 Best NFL Team Anthems

This whole "Super Bowl" thing has been pretty unavoidable this year -- and, for obvious reasons, infinitely more so in these parts than in years past. Then again, with media all over the place, thousands of out-of-town-guests, and an alleged 100,000 hookers (or not) converging in the metroplex this week for Mr. Jones' big hosting gig, it would be pretty hard not to take notivce of all that's going on.

The "Super Bowl" is pretty much dominating every North Texas-related this week, with celebrities and musicians taking full advantage by throwing parties, concerts and attempting to hawk everything in sight.

For instance: On Friday night, Dallas nightclub Cirque is hosting a performance from Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa,  whose monster club anthem "Black and Yellow" has become an unofficial fight of sorts song for the Super Bowl-contending Pittsburgh Steelers.

So, in that vein, and in order to stick to the week's inescapable football theme, we thought we'd try to find some other notable unofficial NFL team anthems. OK: So a few of these aren't exactly embraced by the teams, per se -- but, come on, if they haven't, they totally should be.

(And, no, we're not counting official team fight songs like the Philadelphia Eagles' "Fly Eagles Fly.")

Atlanta Falcons

Jermaine Dupri (feat Ludacris) - "Welcome to Atlanta"

Chicago Bears
The 1985 Chicago Bears 'Shufflin Crew' - "Superbowl Shuffle"

Cincinnati Bengals
Bootsy Collins and The Bengals - "Fear Da Tiger"

Cleveland Browns
Ian Hunter - "Cleveland Rocks"

Dallas Cowboys
Cowboy Troy - "Cowboy Stomp"

Detroit Lions
Journey - "Can't Tame the Lion"

Miami Dolphins
T-Pain - "Miami Dolphins Fight Song"

Minnesota Vikings
Prince - "Purple and Gold"

New Orleans Saints
Ying Yang Twins - "Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk)"

New York Giants
Big Punisher - "New York Giants"

New York Giants
Jim Jones - "We Fly High (Giants Remix)"

New York Jets
Consequence - "J.E.T.S. (Put Your Arms Out)"

Oakland Raiders
Ice Cube - "Raider Nation"

Pittsburgh Steelers
Wiz Khalifa - "Black and Yellow"

Seattle Seahawks
Sir Mix-a-Lot - "Seattle Ain't Bullshittin'"

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Legend has it, George Preston Marshall, founder of the Redskins, absolutely loved their song, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS. He had a huge radio network in Dixie, wasn't about to let a team set foot in Dallas. Those of us who grew up in Babtist churches know the other set of lyrics, YES, JESUS LOVES ME. Clint bought the performance rights to it, told GP to stop using it. Or, if you'll vote for the Cowboys, I'll give 'em to you.

I'm fuzzy on the recollection, somewhere in the mid 70's a semi-con-man wrote a great fight song, "When you say the Cowboys, you're talking Super Bowl. We're the Dallas Cowboys ..." Worked great for two syllable places and team names, sold it. to assorted teams When you say the Oilers ... When you say the Broncos ... Come pre-season, they discovered they were using the same tunes.


My favorites are Hail to the Redskins and the Green Bay Packers Fighting Soldiers. Do the Packers have a hymn too?

The Miami Dolphins song borrowed heavily from the old Houston Oilers #1 song. It's the same song actually.

And I've said before that Cowboy Stomp is loud and stupid.


please, 'who dat' by Aaron Neville is not only better for the Saints but better than all these.but i'm too lazy to look for any video.

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