Green River Ordinance Asks That You Take Out Of My Hands Out of Their Hands -- For Free.

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Fort Worth's Green River Ordinance has gone through something of a major transition of late -- what with the band splitting from its major label home, Capitol Records, and then (successfully) asking for its fans to fund their future efforts.

And, hey, in today's turmoil-filled major label music world, the band's DIY mentality commands some respect.

Although maybe only to a degree -- because sometimes the band's moves are fairly curious. Like, say, the fact that, this week, at,  the band is just plain giving away its album 2009 album for Capitol, Out of My Hands.

The band explains its reasoning in a video we've posted after the jump (in short, it goes something like this: "We have new music! We love our fans!"), which is all nice and everything. But, then again, we never liked the record much in the first place, even if VH1 and the like sure did.

Anyway, they hope to push a whopping 50,000 copies over the next few days -- ambitious stuff, for sure. And hey, while these guys aren't Radiohead -- not in musical aesthetic or business acumen -- you've gotta at least give them some credit for continuing to attempt interesting stunts like these.

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I love this band. Thanks for the PR for their effort, even though it wasn't exactly a love note, lol. Ya DO have to give them props for out-of-the-boxness. In a world where making money on records (vs with performances, merch, licensing) is increasingly difficult, maybe these guys are just way out in front with the overt giveaway.

Mike d
Mike d

Thats bad ass. Any band that gives away free music is alright w/ me. I have heard "come on" on the radio a few times and have been wanting to get this record anyways


Dig it! He's being a douche yet still promoting the free promo. I think Pete has a secret bandcrush.


Hm. Way to be a douche about a band doing a great thing.

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