Wayne Coyne Shares More On The Upcoming Flaming Lips and Neon Indian Collaboration. Also: Video of Alan Palomo High On Acid?

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Wayne Coyne
Alan Palomo and his synths... as posted to Wayne Coyne's Twitter feed.
We're just a few days off from The Flaming Lips' and Neon Indian's shared Thursday night bill at the Palladium Ballroom, but, turns out, each of the acts' frontmen are already paired up, working on their anticipated collaboration.

Per his Twitter feed, lead lip Wayne Coyne arrived in New York last night to meet up with lead Indian Alan Palomo. And it didn't take long for Coyne to continue posting to Twitter clips of the two's progress on their upcoming collaborative song effort, which Coyne recently revealed would be called "To Understand You and Then Destroy You."

Indeed, Coyne's still leaking snippets of the song -- song lyrics, too, including the line "Take your pussy high see how bright it shines," which, it would appear, Coyne will be singing on the track.

Interesting stuff -- almost as interesting as another bit Coyne shared with his followers on the social networking site last night...

If Coyne's Twitter feed is to be believed, this clip features Palomo high on acid as he tweaks some knobs in his synth-heavy pad. If nothing else, we're guessing that this means Palomo won't have an acid-taking regrets this time around? Seriously, someone should've taken those three-to-one odds we offered up on this possibility a few days back...

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