Watch: Tiger Darrow -- "Thinkin' 'Bout You"

In her 18 years, Tiger Darrow's already accomplished far more than most other high school seniors can dream. The Booker T. Washington High School senior's already got a pretty substantial IMDB page thanks to her burgeoning acting career, and, last summer, Darrow, who also boasts some pretty fine indie-pop chops, even had a couple of scores pop up Robert Rodriguez's Machete -- in three different scenes, even (two featuring Jessica Alba, and another featuring Cheech Marin). Pretty decent filler for your college applications, no doubt.

But it's just the start, really: This month, Darrow released her debut full-length album, Hello, an effort that finds the young singer-songwriter working closely with Cary Piece of Jackopiece. Together, the two co-wrote the album -- and to impressive ends, showcasing a fairly brooding aesthetic mature well beyond Darrow's years.

That much is especially evident on the album's lead single, "Thinkin' Bout You," a song which also features some writing assistance from Oklahoma singer-songwriter Katie Mariah. It's also evident in the music video (also co-produced by Pierce), for which Darrow's acting chops surely also came in handy. Check the video out after the jump.

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...and she's got a self-produced full-length, You Know Who You Are, quite different than "Hello," coming out soon too. And she's playing at 35Conferette...and...and...stuff.


Btw, Tiger plays next Thursday night at The Kessler along with Rahim Quazi.

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