Watch: Some Creepy Old Dude From Colorado Has A Weird Fascination With Selena Gomez

Now this is just weird: The above video is just one of many, many clips that Jay Herrod of Colorado has posted to YouTube, obsessing over Disney starlet and Grand Prairie's Own Selena Gomez.

Welcome to the downside of celebrity, Selena! Seems somewhat reminiscent of the very creepy documentary I Think We're Alone Now, which focuses on the fanatical obsessions of the fans of '80s teen idol, Tiffany.

I really don't know what to make of these clips -- the rest of which are also posted after the jump -- other than that Selena and her new beau, one Justin Bieber, might want to hire some extra security. Let's just say that it isn't helping matters that some other nutjob is calling Herrod, pretending to be Gomez's assistant.

Oh, and a warning: All of these clips will give you the creeps.

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WOW, if that guy really has a kid - that poor kid is screwed.


I posted this somewhere else and this is the response I got:

"That dude lives in Colorado now, but he used to live in Clinton, Louisiana... a little town about 10 miles from where I grew up (in an even smaller town). I never met him in person, but everyone I know back home knows the guy... ultra conservative, homophobic, batshitfuckingcrazy, and often mows his yard in a skirt because of some fictitious skin condition. I've been trying to get his videos viral on a video blog site that I'm a member of, but it just hasn't happened- I am truly stoked to see that he's made it into the forums. I'm subb'd to him and have commented about my support for his Presidential campaign. "

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