Watch: Seryn -- "River Song"

There's been a whole heckuva a lot of buzz lately for Denton's Seryn of late -- and especially from the folks at Paste, who in particular seem to have a raging hard-on for the chamber folk five-piece.

Us? We've been following the band for some time now, impressed with their pleasing output and waiting on their long-anticipated debut album, for which the band will be playing a rash of release shows in the coming weeks. That disc, called This Is Where We Are, finally earned its release last week -- right around the time when we once more caught up with the young performers to find out what took the album so long (perfection!) and what kind of pressure they felt given all the buzz (lots!).

And now -- today, even -- there's a music video to go with the album's release. Directed by  Jon Todd Collins, the clip has a similar feel to paste productions the director's helmed for other regional acts Sarah Jaffe and Doug Burr. And Paste premiered it just a bit ago on their site, no surprise there. Although, hey, maybe someone should tell them the song's called "River Song," and not "This Is Where We Are." That's the name of the album, which features no songs by that name. Whoops?

Go ahead give the clip a much-merited watch after the jump. It's an eye-catcher, that's for sure.

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