Watch: Friends Share Their Favorite Frankie 45 Memories at His Club Dada Memorial Concert

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Allison V. Smith
Frankie 45
I'm not going to say that this is going to be the last post we're going to do on Frankie 45 -- because, to be honest, I highly doubt that much to be the case.

There are too many other memorials in the works -- a tribute album is currently in talks, and, at La Grange on January 29, the surviving members of Spector 45 will be playing their final show under that banner, with the help of one of Frankie's oldest friends stepping in to play Frankie's parts.

But, until those events come to pass, yes, this post seems a fitting end to the constant stream of items we've posted in search of some closure in response to the loss of one of Dallas' and Deep Ellum's finest.

As such, after the jump, courtesy of our friends at Yes Go Productions, we've got one last tribute to Frankie to share with DC9 readers. At last week's memorial concert for Frankie, a couple of Yes Go videographers set up a video booth out back on Club Dada's patio, asking friends of the fallen greaser-punk frontman to share their favorite memories and stories of the young musician.

It's a touching tribute, well worth the watch. So, please, do just that.

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Nicole Piazza
Nicole Piazza

Very good! Most of it made me laugh, till the end, then I got sad again. That's about how the last 2 weeks have been going for me. Laugh, sad, laugh, sad. I wanted to leave a video tribute for him, but I just don't think I could have got it out. Miss you Frankie!

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