Watch: Bravo, Max! -- "Kiss"

Maybe I'm burying the leed. The real question: Taco Joint has shows now?
We've mentioned the guys (and gal) of Bravo, Max! here in this space before -- a couple of times, actually -- as the band has grown from just a fledgling group trying to score gigs around town to a one that, just recently, headed all the way out to California to record their debut full-length -- a disc that we're starting to eagerly anticipate, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the interesting back story behind the recording of this disc.

In the California town of Cotati, Brav, Max! set up shop at Prairie Sun Studios, where they enlisted the aid of Grammy-winning sound engineer Oz Fritz to produce and engineer their debut. Quite the coup, for sure. And the Prairie Sun folks, who, granted, have a dog in this fight, seem pretty pleased with the results of their recording sessions with the band.

But what really has us intrigued at this point is a new teaser video the band released earlier this week, setting their new song "Kiss" to some HD video clips they took during their travels to California and back, and in the Prairie Sun studios, as well. It's a pretty collection for sure, and a great pairing of visual and sound. Give it a watch after the jump.

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WOW love the song and video. You guys keep up the good work!!!


A tasty treat of scene and song!


These guys are really coming on! The record is gonna be great, and their live shows are Fantastic!

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