Wanna Bet On How Long It'll Take Christina Aguilera To Get Through Her Super Bowl National Anthem?

All of seven days have passed since the announcement came that Christina Aguilera would be the one singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Super Bowl XLV, which, in case you forgot, will be taking place at Cowboys Stadium this Sunday evening in humble Arlington, Texas.

And, a week after that news, comes more news to add fun to the matter. As with everything else that's Super Bowl-related, you can now place bets on Aguilera's national anthem -- and, specifically, on her version's length.

Inspin.com is currently offering odds on that very subject, pretty much banking on the fact that Aguilera's take will fall somewhere between 1:50 or 2:10. Eager gamblers can place bets at varying odds for within that range, but the real big-money takes will come with bets that her version's either shorter than 1:50 or longer than 2:10 -- winning tickets on either of those fronts will earn gamblers three times their initial gamble.

But what's the smart bet? After the jump, we'll give you our well-researched answer.

Our money's on the 1:50 to 1:54 range -- odds of which are currently two-to-one. But, see, here's the deal: Both national anthem takes we just watched of Aguilera's on Youtube -- this one and the one -- come in at just a hair over 1:50. And, yes, they're fairly extended versions already. It's Christina Aguilera after all, let's not forget.

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