This Week In Dallas Music History: A Handy Guide to the Worst Local Records of the '90s

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In this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we go back to the year 2000, when former Observer music editor Zac Crain did one of the things he did best -- take shots at really bad bands. And at the beginning of 2000, he set his sights on the worst local records of the '90s.

In no particular order, Crain counted records from The Dixie Chicks, Edie Brickell, Lisa Loeb, Meatloaf, The Nixons and LeAnn Rimes among the decade's worst. But, what probably got him in the most trouble was his inclusion of Pantera's The Great Southern Trendkill, which may be the reason the band wasn't very cooperative during the writing of his book, Black Tooth Grin: The High Life, Good Times, and Tragic End of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott.

"Seriously, the Cowboys from Hell should stick to running low-class strip joints instead of trying to record albums that would be played in them," wrote Crain. "And, yes, I'm fully aware that Vinnie Paul could kick the shit out of me."

Check out the entire article after the jump.

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In case you had a little trouble reading the original, check it out in the online Observer archives.

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The D Magazine failthful are not going to be happy hearing what he had to say about Jackopierce/Cary Pierce records.

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