This Week In Dallas Music History: Billy Goat's Mike Dillon Tries To Live Down His Past

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In this special bonus video edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we turn back to 1996, when Robert Wilonsky caught up with Billy Goat's lead singer, Mike Dillon.

By that point in Dillon's career, Billy Goat, a highly talented rhythmic jazz-funk band, had formed, been stereotyped as a drugged-out party band, broken up, cleaned up, and reformed.

And, unlike many bands who follow that career path, they were actually much better in the end.

"If Billy Goat was once nothing more than a glorified party band where the host had more fun than the guests, then it has now evolved into a more serious beast," wrote Wilonsky. "Dillon, who has recorded some tracks for the next Brave Combo record, tries hard to insist he's actually a serious musician who has kicked his drug habit."

Check out the entire article, and a bonus Billy Goat video, after the jump.

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