Q&A: Bob Schneider Talks German New Wave, Adam Carolla, Sculpture Gardens and Robots!

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At this point, Austin's Bob Schneider is far more than the guy who dated Sandra Bullock, the guy who fronted the raunchy Scabs, or the guy who seems to play Dallas every other month. His 2009 album, Lovely Creatures, his first release for Dallas' Kirtland Records was perhaps his most successful album to date, spurred on by national radio success of "40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet)" single.

Now, it could be argued, he's Bob Schneider, Texas treasure. Or, if not that, then definitely Austin treasure.

In advance of his performances tomorrow night at the Kessler Theater -- where he'll play both an early 7 p.m. show and a later 9 p.m. show (both of which will feature some opening help from David Ramirez) -- we caught up with Schneider to talk his early influences, his next step and his place in Texas music. Check it out after the jump.

You're based out of Austin, but you play a lot around the entire state -- especially here. Would you consider yourself an Austin artist or Texas artist at this point?
Well, I love Austin and live here, but I wouldn't necessarily consider what I do representational of either Austin or Texas. But I'm sure that living in Austin and Texas has influenced what I do to a certain degree -- especially in the diversity in live music that I've been able to enjoy here.

You're not from here, though -- you were raised in Germany. How does that influence your music?
When I was a kid in Germany, there was a huge German New Wave movement. Before that, most of the music that you heard on the radio was English. But the German New Wave movement was all sung in German and had an amazing energy and DIY feel to it, that really left a lasting impression on me

What are you listening to right now?
Mostly myself, but nothing that's over a month old. I'm constantly writing new material and listening to it, to see what I can fix, or improve upon or just learn so that I can play it live. If I'm not listening to me, then mostly to podcasts of Adam Carolla or "Fresh Air."

You've toured through here tons -- got any favorite things about Dallas?
I do know that some of my favorite bands ever have come out of Dallas. And I really like the Belmont Hotel. That's usually where I stay when I'm in town. And the sculpture garden is incredible.

You mentioned new material -- when can we expect the next album?
We just recorded a new record, and it's being mixed right now. Should expect it to come out in March on Kirtland Records, also out of Dallas.

You've been around and been successful long enough at this point to where you've really become one of the most successful artists out of Austin ever. What do you see for yourself next? What's the next step?
Well, I hope that I can continue to do what I've always done, which is to write and incorporate new music into my live shows to keep them fresh and entertaining.

Any thoughts on what you see for the future of Texas music?

Bob Schneider plays Saturday, January 22, at the Kessler Theater

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The Kessler Theater

1230 W. Davis St., Dallas, TX

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Ed in the OC
Ed in the OC

Attention Bob Schneider ticket holders: Bob was originally scheduled to play a 60 minute set, but will now play a full 90 minutes for both shows. First show: Opener David Ramirez will begin at 6:15, and Bob will start at 7:00 sharp. Second show: Doors for the sold out late show at 9:30 pm. Ramirez will begin at 10 pm, and Bob's set will begin at 10:45. We suggest arriving for the late show at around 9:15

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