Plagiarism In The Local Show Poster World? Very Much Looks That Way, Unfortunately...

Hey, this one thing looks like that other thing...
Local poster art, when done well, is pretty impressive. There's reason, after all, behind our decision to call out our favorite show poster in the space every week. Been doing it for years at this point.

Over that time, sure, we've developed some favorites. At the top of that list? Local design firm Magnificent Beard, which, we can safely saw, has earned far more weekly nods from us than any other local designer. Their stuff's that good. Sometimes jaw-droppingly so. So maybe it was just a matter of time before someone decided to steal a page from Magnificent Beard's playbook.

The above side-by-side of Magnificent Beard's design for the December 10, 2010, Wu-Tang Clan show at the Granada Theater and a new poster promoting a blow-out to be hosted at the Curtain Club on Friday night provides pretty much all the damning evidence you could want.

But, after the jump, Magnificent Beard responds to the new poster and shares more damning evidence -- what the two images look like when laid over the other.

Magnificent Beard's response, as posted their blog just a little bit ago:
Today is truly a glorious day. The skies have been ripped asunder and the sun shines down upon our first, truly, biggest fan.  Bask in the glory. The craftsmanship glistens in the sun.

Clearly this is not ok.

Unfortunately, our dearest fan has unleashed a cursed doppelganger from their once loving loins. Forged in the molten guttyworks of unoriginality, this sham demon has emerged to stake claim in the brain-bounty we have quested so boldly to provide.

We tried to get its master to cast the redemption spell of apology, but our pleas fell upon deaf ears, so we turn to you, our dearest innernets friends. We alone are not strong enough to repel this poor twin in the darkened bowels of hack-dom, but together we can expose it for all to see. Tell all who may listen!  Let a +5 of  shaming ring out across the e-mountains.

We love you please.

Yours, clutching the gilded axe of truth,


Done and done. Plagiarism is an ugly thing, Taylor Robinson.

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taylor robinson
taylor robinson

Perhaps some people shouldn't try to be ROCK STARS! Most of us can't mimic their unoriginal lyrics or fake attitudes, but clearly some do try to imitate their bland, unattractive poster art. You know someone has reached their lowest when they try to receive credit for something that looked like shit to begin with, it can only mean they have no concept of how art and music are one in the same.


"Demo release" HA!

Chris Swinson
Chris Swinson

What a stupid designer. Magnificent Beard rocks. Way to stand up for creativity Observer. Thanks for bringing this to light.

A b
A b

That's not truly plagiarism. It's a very unoriginal derivative. It would be plagiarism if they claimed credit for the wu tang poster.


Jeez, what a dickhead move.

Bill Ellison
Bill Ellison

the wutang poster was great. it sucks that they got ripped off

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