Crushed Stars' Convalescing in Braille Continues Garnering National Kudos

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Local dream pop act Crushed Stars, the brainchild of Todd Gautreau and whomever he decides to work with at a given time, has tacked on some more national press recognition to go with his already impressive clippings of late.

Seems the online version of Blurt has taken quite the shine to Convalescing in Braille, the most recent effort from Crushed Stars. You can read the entire review here, but suffice it to say that writer Mary Leary digs Gautreau's moody vibe, proclaiming that "Gautreau could probably rework and perform the phone book and get people to listen."

High praise indeed, but I, for one, think Leary is spot on in her praise for Convalescing. And Jesse Hughey agrees with me.

But it's not just Gautreau who deserves the praise here. He had some great help this time around.

A lot of the credit for easily the best album that Gautreau has ever made should probably go producer John Congelton's way. The Paper Chase frontman and increasingly revered producer (St. Vincent, The Walkmen and others have used his services for their own recently acclaimed efforts) added some nice girth to Gautreau's atmospheric tales of woe.

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