Club Dada Sets New Year's Eve Do-Over Party To Make Up For Grand Opening Snafu

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Kevin Todora
Club Dada
Lost in all the shuffle surrounding last week's memorial event hosted at Club Dada was the fact that the Thursday night show at the venue also served as the venue's grand opening.

Dada, you might recall, was originally supposed to open on New Year's Eve, with a celebration featuring Smile Smile, Air Review and Telegraph Canyon. But that show, once it was determined that the venue wasn't going to be able to Certificate of Occupancy document from the city in time, was eventually moved to Sons of Hermann Hall.

Now, after a weekend filled with high attendance numbers, the venue has announced plans to finally get the grand opening event it deserves. Well, sort of. They're not calling it a grand opening re-do.

Rather, the powers that be at the re-opened spot will be throwing what they're calling a New Year's Eve Do-Over Party on Saturday, January 15.

It will feature a different cast of performers than the original bill -- still a strong one, though, filled with electronic and hipster-hop favorites -- and, yes, given the name, you can expect a Champagne toast to come down at midnight.

After the jump, all the pertinent details -- the performers, the set times, the ticket prices, etc.

From the Facebook event page:
Performance Schedule:
9:00 - Datahowler
10:00 - Gallery Cat
11:00 - Damaged Good$
12:00 - Hoyotoho

Age: 18+
Cover: $8 - $10 (Under 21)
Doors: 8:00 PM

There will be a free Champagne Toast at Midnight!
Looks like quite the flashy, dance-inducing good time.

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2720 Elm St., Dallas, TX

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I couldn't agree more Dave...people just don't get out to support local bands enough and that goes for musicians as well. It really sucks for the club owners who are doing all they can in these times while their support is constant. I've heard 1000 times about how fickle Dallas is regarding their support or lack there of to its music scene. I've even heard this about Dallas while playing in Austin, sad...


Please disregard the post above, that was meant for Dave Little and for some reason my piece o shit phone saved it and posted it...maybe I should keep my hands out of my pockets ;-) Anyways...

Go see "Hoyotoho" you won't regret it!!!

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