Christina Aguilera Joins Super Bowl XLV's Bill As National Anthem Performer

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Is there anyone in the world better suited to sing the National Anthem than Christina Aguilera?

Probably, but the NFL and Fox obviously don't think so, which is why they just confirmed that the Burlesque star will be tossing vocal runs into every nook and cranny of the song at the top of Super Bowl XLV.

Add her to the Black Eyed Peas, who will perform at this year's halftime show, and you've got the lowest common denominator for Super Bowl entertainment. But, hey, it sure beats a bunch of old guys playing 40-year-old hits, right?

Actually, we'll still take the old guys.

Just make sure your crystal is secured in a sound-proof room when she gets to the part about "the land of the free..."

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I have just heard Christina sing the National Anthem at the SuperBowl in Dallas. Maybe anyone could have been better. I thought she pick the song to pieces, with her exaggerated rhythm.I was embarrassed to have her sing Our National Anthem.


I can understand their reasoning; they want someone more current to perform at the Super Bowl.

Here's my hang-up:The performers (at least one of them) is usually from the city that the Super Bowl is played in.When the Super Bowl was in Houston, Beyonce sang the anthem.When it was in Arizona, Jordin Sparks sang the anthem.

Why not get someone from DFW, like Kelly Clarkson?


it is going to take 20 min for her to sing


Christina Aguilera can sing.

The Who used to sing and play well, but sucked awfully at last year's Super Bowl.

So.... What was your point?


When I read that, I kind of understood his point....I think its was something along the lines of "she can sing, but chooses to do so in a stupid manner....a washed up Who would be better." Right?

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