Listomania: The 10 Best Dougie Dance Renditions of 2010

Wrong Dougie.
2010, again, proved a big year for The Dougie, the Dallas-born dance that has effectively taken over touchdown celebrations and dancefloors alike, and thrust the Dallas hip-hop scene into the international limelight. Thank Lil Wil's "My Dougie," which paid homage to Doug E. Fresh and the movie Paid in Full back in 2008. Or thank SoCal's Cali Swag District and their mega-hit "Teach Me How To Dougie," which stole the song's swagger without, as Lil Wil notes, passing along any of the credit.

Debate all you want how the craze started. But this much isn't up for discussion: Everyone -- news reporters, sports stars and animals alike -- did the Dougie in 2010. Some did it before screaming fans, some earned 15-yard penalties for doing it, and others, sure enough, got a hospital bill.

After the jump, a compilation that could only exist in 2010: The Best 10 Dougie Dances of 2010, as based on execution and creativity of the not-so-ancient Dallas art form.

10. Elmo Teaches Me How To Dougie

Watching this video makes you realize how family-friendly the Dougie is compared to other dances (see: "Superman That Hoe"). And this guy in the Elmo suit actually pulls it off pretty well. Considering the suit.

9. Justin Bieber shows Barbara Walters How to Dougie

Sadly, the Dougie's biggest messiah (and biggest killer) happens to be Justin Bieber, who does the Dougie pretty much everywhere, and teaches everyone he can how to do it, too. Perhaps he should teach himself before teaching Babs...

8. Everyone's Doing It.

Although not one Dougie, this compilation video shows the power and popularity of the Dougie dance. And how everyone, of all shapes and sizes, got in on the action this year.

7. Chris Brown "Teach Me How To Dougie"

Chris Brown may have been incarcerated, but he's still one of the best dancers in R&B. And he shows it here, too, with a damn near perfect Dougie. Note how no women are around him. Something about flailing arms, we imagine.

6. 49ers 'Teach Me How To Dougie'

Now that's how to you do a Dougie celebration. Clean, well-executed, teammates surrounding you, and no penalty on the play. Take that, New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards who we may or may not see later on in this list.

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