Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights Surprise Greenhill School With An Acoustic Offering

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Stephen Masker
Greenhill School on Spring Valley got a nice treat yesterday, when Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights surprised students with a acoustic performance and question-and-answer session. It wasn't the full band set-up, but Tyler, drummer Jordan Cain and keyboardist John Knudson were on hand to melt some classroom faces. Which is slightly cooler, let's say, than Pat Green appearing at a homecoming dance. No offense, alma mater.

The band signed autographs after the performance, and talked a little about what the hell it's like being a musician. For Tyler & The Northern Lights, though, things seem to be going pretty well.

Photographer Stephen Masker was there to capture some moments, so be sure to make the jump and see them for yourself.

Stephen Masker
Stephen Masker
Excuse me, was one of your songs on that TV Show with Bradley Whitford's mustache?

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