This Week In Dallas Music History: Introducing Macavity

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In this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, writer Amanda Traphagan introduces Observer readers to Macavity, a band who was just coming into their own when this article was published in 2001.

You might recognize two of the youngsters in the above photo as current local music veterans Beau Wagener and Seth Bohlman, who are now the guitar players for The Crash That Took Me. But back then, according to Traphagan, these guys weren't even old enough to buy beer. And it shows throughout the story -- especially in this choice soundbite from guitarist Ryan Shaw:
"Just to have anyone notice us and want to help us out is a feeling that is impossible to convey. It's kind of like that funny feeling you get when you've just found out that the really cute girl that sits at the front of the class actually likes you -- you're so happy and excited and surprised and nervous and overjoyed all at the same time -- except it just doesn't go away."
Unfortunately, the funny feeling did go away. The band broke up only a few short years after this piece was written. Hit the jump for the full blast of nostalgia.

Mac Full page_picnik.jpg

To read the full story without squinting at the margin, check the online version.

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