This Week In Dallas Music History: An Excerpt From Ronnie "The Blond Bomber" Dawson's Unreleased Autobiography

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In this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, rockabilly legend the late Ronnie "The Blond Bomber" Dawson shared an excerpt from the autobiography that, unfortunately, never saw the light of day.

The piece that he was kind enough to share with us back in 2000, is the story of his first tour in 1959, when he was flown from his hometown of Waxahachie to several cities in the northeast.

He talked about being naive about payola, in which his label was actively participating. He talked about performing on Alan Freed's television show, and meeting Al Hibbler and Roy Hamilton--two guys who had a hit single with "Unchained Melody" long before the Righteous Brothers.

Hit the jump for the entire story of this Dallas legend.

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To avoid fighting your way through those tight margins, read the online version of the story here.

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