This Week In Dallas Music History: Tripping Daisy Guitarist Wes Berggren Passes Away Unexpectedly

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At the risk of harping on obituaries of Dallas musicians long ago, this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History focuses on one of the biggest losses that our city's music community has ever experienced.

On this week in 1999, former Dallas Observer music editor Zac Crain wrote about the loss of Wes Berggren, guitarist for Tripping Daisy, who were on the verge of releasing their self-titled fourth and, turns out, final album.

The story describes the dismal scene at Berggren's funeral at Unity Church of Christianity on a rainy day

"Less than a year ago, they'd all gotten dressed up to celebrate with Tripping daisy guitarist Wes Berggren and his new wife Melissa," writes Crain. "Now, they're gathered together again in their dress clothes; only this time, they're here to say goodbye to a friend they thought they'd know forever."

It was a sad event made even sadder just days after the article was published, when the community learned the cause of 28 year-old Berggren's death -- a lethal cocktail of propoxyphene, and benzodiazepine.

Read the entire article after the jump.

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