Album Corn Dogs: Because They Make Everything Better.

Created by Alexander Flores

You remember Album Tacos, right? Of course you do--it was the Internet meme where photoshoppers inserted glorious tacos (in forms abstract and literal) into album covers.

What the hell would you do in life without these genius memes?

Anyway, we thought we'd throw--thanks to our resident art dude Alexander Flores--another entry onto the pile, and give it a Texas twist.

It's possible we just miss the State Fair food (or are so enamored with corn dogs we made it a part of the art in one of our blog logos) that we had to relive it in another way. Don't get us wrong: We love tacos--and Album Tacos pretty much nailed the shit out of this meme--but what's a good meme without countless, unrelenting follow-ups?

So, we succinctly present: Album Corn Dogs. See the whole bunch after the jump.

And as a call to action, we'd like you, reader, to submit your Album Corn Dogs in the comments. Because we can't possibly be better at this than you.

Created by Alexander Flores
Created by Alexander Flores
Created by Alexander Flores
Created by Alexander Flores
Created by Alexander Flores

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