Listomania: The Songs That Give Thanks, a Field Guide

Not a song, but we sure are thankful for this.
It's hard to argue with Charlie Brown: Thanksgiving is here, man (paraphrased). Over on our on food blog, City of Ate, the writers are counting down to Thanksgiving with odes to their favorite T-Day foods. DC9's thinking: why can't we join in on the fun?

After the jump, we've constructed a compendium--an A-Z field guide, if you will--of the songs spanning time and space that give thanks to loved ones, to drugs, to whatever they desire. If you're the type of family that goes around the table and declares "thanks" on this holiday, then these songs may gave you inspiration.

ABBA: "Thank You for the Music"

Adam Sandler: "The Thanksgiving Song"

Alanis Morrisette: "Thank U"

Andrew Gold, Golden Girls theme song: "Thank You for Being a Friend"

The Beatles: "Thank You Girl"

Ben Folds: "You to Thank"

Big Star: "Thank You Friends"

Bob Hope: "Thanks for the Memories"

Bob Marley: "Give Thanks and Praises"

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