Best Facebook Costume Ever? Yes, Because of the Status Update. And The 17 Notifications.

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Stephen Masker
See more of the best costumes in Stephen's slideshow.
Certainly, Hector Trevino isn't the only one who has used Facebook as a costume, but this version really has some class. If you look closely, you'll notice Hector's status update: "At the Halloween Block Party."


Of course, the Halloween Block Party on Cedar Springs (Taking it to the treats? Hey-o!) was so overflowing with great costumes we had to make two full slideshows just to accommodate them all.

For a full round of the weekend's photos, check out Part One and Part Two of the best costumes from the Block Party, "Naked Sundays" at Mantus, and the Meltdown Music Festival at the Dallas Convention Center.

But seriously Hector, you should probably Facebook this photo.

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