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This morning, a headline on CNN read, "Beatles come to iTunes." Innocuous enough, yes, but, gosh, where the hell else are you going to buy music from (arguably) the world's biggest band? At Best Buy? Apple's official announcement (the above pic is from their homepage) did, however, make the staff over here at DC9 at Night nostalgic.

We spent a good chunk of the morning talking about how we got into the Beatles, and the songs that homage their albums and music. Thusly, we present an epic list of diverse proportions: Ten songs that love the Beatles enough to reference them directly. We hope this will encourage you to post some of your own in the comments, or discuss them with your friends.

Make the jump for the full list.

1. Elliot Smith - "Baby Britain"

Years after his death, Smith's lyrics "The light was on but it was dim / Revolver's been turned over / And now it's ready once again" are still as moving as they were on first listen -- and dammit if we don't want to toss "Taxman" on the player in celebration.

2. Beulah "I Love John, She Loves Paul"

It's easy to hear the Fab Four's influence on Beulah's four studio records, but this track, from the band 1997 debut, spells it right out in the title. The band would go on to repeat the trick with their 2003 swan song, appropriately titled Yoko.

3. Divine Comedy - "Perfect Love Song"

In the opening lyrics to "Perfect Lovesong," frontman Neil Hannon sings about writing a song "with a divine Beatles bassline..." With just that one lyric, Hannon sheds light on one of the most underappreciated aspects of the fab four -- Paul McCartney's signature bass guitar.

4. Billy Joel - "We Didn't Start the Fire"

Who among us can resist the fist-pump to the lyrics "BeatlesBritish Beatlemania."

5. David Bowie - "Young Americans"

A must-post for the nostalgia one feels in the chest-region when the chorus sings "I read the news today / oh boy"

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