A Funny -- And Also Gross -- Story From Friday's Monotonix Show At The Loft...

Danny Fulgencio
This lady had a night on Friday...
Perhaps you read Kelly Dearmore's earlier recap of Friday night's Monotonix show at The Loft and thought to yourself, "Hey, I wonder if there's more to the story about the drunk woman who went to town on the drum kit before Monotonix took the stage."

Well, you're in luck! There is!

Our photographer, Danny Fulgencio, who sent in this phenomenal set of pictures from the night, passes along a pretty interesting, if also gross, story about the woman pictured above. Write Danny in his message to DC9:
"[I] saw the greatest thing ever just before the show. The lead singer shoved a carrot up his ass and handed it to this drunk girl who then took a bite and spat a chunk o' carrot into the crowd. It happened so fast I couldn't get the shot, but holy hell, what a sight."
Indeed. Just visualizing it now, we're getting the chills.

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