Watch: Rhett Miller Shares Some Insight on The Old 97's' The Grand Theatre, Volume Two--Which Might Include A Killbilly Song?

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Very much getting ahead of himself, Rhett Miller posted the above clip of him talking about The Grand Theatre, Volume Two--remember, the Old 97's new, return-to-form Volume One doesn't come out until Tuesday--to YouTube earlier this week as part of his new video diary series.

There's still some interesting insight here, though--mostly the fact that Miller's angling his fellow 97's players to let him include an old song called "Muddy Rio Grande" from longtime Dallas favorite Killbilly (with which Miller and bassist Murry Hammond once played) on the next volume. And, in the clip, Miller even plays a bit of the chorus for his viewers. Pretty good stuff, too.

Somewhere, Big Dick Hunter is jumping for joy.

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