Listomania: Top Five Music-Related Halloween Costumes... For Your Cats.

Keyboard Cat is too easy! Try Cat Garth Brooks, instead.
So, Halloween's closing in, and you have to choose a costume. It's tough, isn't it? The clock is ticking--and if you don't choose something remarkable then the night is a big suck pile.

Then, there's your pet. Do you dress it up for the occasion? If so, how?

We can see it now: You frantically toss bits of glitter on your cat's fur to get it into the seasonal mood, only to have tour friends ask who or what your pet is supposed to be. Your nervous answer of "fairy cat" won't do.

No more, dammit. Dress your pet up properly. Put some thought into it. Or just steal the ideas we've come up with. Yes, that's right: We've come up with the best five music-related costume ideas for your cat this Halloween. Oh, and put away that light blue shirt for your keyboard cat costume idea, too. It won't be necessary after you see the ideas we scrounged up for your kitty. Check them out after the jump.

Cat provided by Andrea Grimes; Artist Rendering By Nick Rallo
Note: Cat will be unable to perform "Ain't Going Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)"
5. Cat Garth Brooks
Style your cat with Texas' best: Dress it in the Chris Gaines Garth Brooks belt buckle from Sevens, a nice cowboy hat, and let him rip roar into the microphone.

Cat provided by Andrea Grimes; artist rendering by Nick Rallo
David Bowie, or regal Egyptian?
4. Cat David Bowie
Ground control to Major Tom, this kitten's gonna look damn sharp for All Hallow's Eve.

Cat provided by Andrea Grimes; Artist Rendering by Nick Rallo
3. Cat Katy "Kitty" Perry
Her cleavage may have offended the Sesame Street audience, but Halloween's gonna be safe-for-work and cute as all giddy-up with "Kitty Perry." Squirting effect not required.

Thumbnail image for catgaga.jpg
Cat provided by Merritt Martin; Artist Rendering by Jake Barnhart
In the world of one-eyed cats, Gaga is king.

2. Cat Lady Gaga
Cat enthusiasts will appreciate the high probability of guests to comment on your pet's "Paw-Her-Face" (and other glorious puns).

Cat Provided by Merritt Martin; Artist Rendering by Jake Barnhart
1. Cat David Byrne
You may ask yourself: Why put my cat in a giant suit? And you may ask yourself: Where do I get this feline couture? And you may ask yourself: Will my cat still love me after his Talking Heads makeover? Perhaps... wait for it... once in a lifetime (just not this one).

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