This Week In Dallas Music History: Hagfish Cries Breakup and Quickly Reunites

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In this ironic edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, former Dallas Observer music editor Zac Crain writes about several local band break-ups in 1999 with an emphasis on Hagfish.

Seems that less than a year after their split, Hagfish had already reunited for a show booked at Trees.

Coincidentally, this year, Hagfish will reunite again for a show booked at Trees--on Christmas night, to be exact.

I guess that would mean Crain was indeed correct when he said "Face it: More often than not, when a band says it's playing its last show ever, it usually means it's playing its last show...until the next one."

Hagfish might have had good reason for getting back together, though: The article later reveals that Coldfront Records, the band's label, was set to release two new records for the band--a B-sides album, and an unreleased interview, apparently.

During the band's off time, guitarist Zach Blair joined shock rock act GWAR, which was about to make a Dallas stop at Deep Ellum Live on their tour with The Misfits. Oddly enough, both of those bands will be passing though Dallas next month. It's like we stepped into some kind of time machine or something. Read the entire article after the jump.


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when is the next last show ever?

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