Picture Show: The 20 Most Memorable Fans of Austin City Limits, Day One and Two

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Patrick Michels
Check out more photos from Day Two of ACL.
Day three and it's starting to feel like Texas again. That is--the cool weather has vanished and it's hot as hell balls again. Shirts are coming off in the crowd. No shirts is a good solution to the swelter, but some fans have been choosing the opposite. It's mysterious.

So, we ask a question Austin City Limits fans: where are all these full body food costumes coming from?

The above picture, plus the ones after the jump will give you a clue what we're talking about. To his credit, the dude in the hot dog costume looked like he was having a great time. Well played, sir.

For more memorable fans from ACL Day Two and One, check out our slideshow.

Nick Rallo
Kudos to you, sir.
Nick Rallo
Note: this fan approved a photo--then promptly walked away mid-shot. We assume it was to find the above fan.

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