Night Moves: Fear, Loathing and Body Art (Semi-NSFW)

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Ray and Peter Lek
Check out more in the slideshow.
This was a nerd's weekend: Between Rangers fans and blood-spattered zombies photos (I think there was some stormtroopers in there too?), our photographers Ray & Peter Lek and Roderick Pullum caught a wide spectrum of fandoms from the weekend's events.

Somewhere around the Trinity River, DJ Brett Johnson from Dallas was the star of a Fear and Loathing-themed party at a warehouse. It advertised itself as a "journey into the heart of the Dallas underground," of which we're sure Hunter S. Thompson would approve. Meanwhile, eXcuses in Dallas presented some bad ass body graffiti in the semi-NSFW "Texas Body Art Massacre," although nobody was officially massacred, as far as we know. Proceeds for the nude body painting went to benefit the Northstar School.

This was all, of course, after the Rangers beat the doodoo out the Yankees. Good times!
Ray and Peter Lek
Check out more sNSFW pics from the slideshow.
Roderick Pullum
Check out more of how the Rangers fans partied on, Garth in their slideshow.

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