Listomania: Five Star Trek Cast Albums To Launch You From Fan to Trekkie

Starlog 665: Just bought Spaced Out at Half Price Books...
To the Trekkies and Harry Pottererers who skipped all this weekend's claw fever for the Star Trek Fan Days at the Plano Center: We've brewed up some memorabilia for you to get autographed in the future.

If you didn't know already, William Shatner was one of three big Guests of Honor at this weekend's shindig. Christopher Lloyd and Tom Felton (who stars in Harry Potter as...wait for it...Draco Malfoy) were on board to wow fans, too.

And while we wish Felton and Lloyd had some albums to their name (maybe some sort of Huey Lewis & The News super-band?), Shatner and other former Trek crew members have checked the musician box on their resume plenty o' times.

Here's the thing: if you didn't know any of this, you're probably just a good old-fashioned fan. You're not a full blown Trekkie yet. To fully get you to the Dark Side (oh, wait, that's the other movie), we've cooked up a list of the five best Star Trek albums sure to get you from Priceline commercial fan to full-blown, being-made-fun-of-by-Triumph-Comic-Insult-Dog fan.

Check them out after the jump.


1. Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space - Leonard Nimoy


2. Transformed - William Shatner

Sing to me, Lieutenant Uhura.

3. Out of This World - Nichelle Nichols

Data, after a few too many.

4. Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back - Brent Spiner

Does the guy who was almost cast as Geordi LaForge count? How about if he showed up in three various Star Trek incarnations? Yeah?

5. Kushangaza - Tim Russ

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