Do It Live: Austin City Limits 2010, Friday

All photos by Patrick Michels
Phish fans gathered at the Budwesier Stage
Cool-weathered Austin City Limits has finished day one. Night one, too, and there's something in the air, aside from shoe dust and absurd amounts of pollen. What, you ask? Oh, well, it's the lines that define generations. Friday night featured, on one hand, The Strokes breaking open City with their sharp rock and Phish inviting in their long-standing jam fans. A little tiered nostalgia for all ages (thinking of the Strokes "Last Nite" here...make the jump for video).

Maybe this is all melodrama, but look at it this way: punctual folks could have seen Sonic Youth and Vampire Weekend in the same hour. Just sayin'.

To mark night one, we present a handful of photos by Patrick Michels. Make the jump for more, and check back for more coverage as the City Limits continues this weekend.

All photos by Patrick Michels
Julian Casablancas of The Strokes. Remember them?
The Strokes
The Strokes
Casablancas and The Strokes reminisced with "Someday" and "Last Nite"
The Strokes

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