Watch: Nick Jonas and Fucked Up's Ben Cook Have A Drum-Off in Camp Rock 2, Even Though Neither Is Really A Drummer. Oh Well.

Westlake's Own Jonas Brothers just wrapped a big weekend, as their Disney Channel original movie, Camp Rock 2, which also features Colleyville's Own Demi Lovato, made its television debut.

But, go figure, the DFW Diz Kids weren't the only musicians in the cast: Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook is in the movie, too, playing a camper just like Lovato and the Jonases. And, in the above scene, Cook and Nick Jonas, neither of whom is necessarily known for their drum chops, square off in a drum battle.

Ah, summer camp--where anything is possible, including Disney executives signing off on hiring a guy in a band called Fucked Up to play a musician in a made-for-TV movie.

In related news: The Jonases and Lovato play Center on Sunday night.

(Hat tip.)

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