This Week In Dallas Music History: Russell Hobbs Remembers Deep Ellum's Beginnings

Russell Hobbs
This is the week that the Dallas Observer will release its annual Best Of issue, so it seems appropriate to open the vault and look back at a Best Of issue from September 2000.

During this week 10 years ago, staff writer Jimmy Fowler shed light on Russell Hobbs' then 15-year legacy as the "creator of Deep Ellum," and focused on his then-newly opened Christian club The Door.

The article, though, refers mostly to the impressive beginnings of Theatre Gallery, the club Hobbs opened in 1984. Writes Fowler: "Hobbs and booker Jeff Liles brought in then-scary bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane's Addiction, 10,000 Maniacs, Wall of Voodoo, and Henry Rollins' outfit."

He even talks about a legendary R.E.M. jam session that took place at the Theatre Gallery after a Bronco Bowl show and a few hits of acid.

Now, 25 years after Deep Ellum's so-called creation, and three years after he purchased the Gypsy Tea Room, Hobbs is still successfully operating The Door and The Prophet Bar.

Check out the entire article after the jump.


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