This Week In Dallas Music History: Reverend Horton Heat Goes To Russia, Will Johnson Looks Like a Stoner

In this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we turn our eyes back to September 12, 1991, which was a big week for the Reverend Horton Heat.

He and his band were preparing to embark on a tour of Russia and Scandinavia that they were calling the "Arctic Border Blues Festival."

The Rev was excited--the proceeds from the festival dates would benefit two severely impoverished towns in the Soviet Union that were so bad, he told us, that "it's almost like Africa or something."

He was also excited because the tour promoter thought he was a real reverend, and he asked the Rev to offer a blessing at the opening night of the tour in Oslo.

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In return, Rev planned to give a "hellfire and brimstone, Baptist-this-side-of-the-backwaters blessing."

Also, in one of former Observer writer Shannon Dawson's sidenotes in this piece, there's a fun little note: The band Melt had just changed its name to Funland. Even more fun: The article includes a picture of a very grungy, very stoner-looking Will Johnson.

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