Last Night: Guided by Voices Kick Off Their "Classic" Lineup Reunion Tour at Dallas' Palladium Showroom

Guided by Voices
Palladium Showroom
September 29, 2010

Better than:
watching almost any other group of men in their 50s get drunk in front of a large number of people.

Pete Freedman
Guided by Voices
It's been 16 years since the "classic" line-up of Guided By Voices graced the stage together, and, apparently, the band thought Wednesday's crowd at the Palladium Showroom in Dallas could still wait a bit longer.

As the house lights went out in preparation for the band's set, a recording began playing over the loudspeakers--some kind of recorded message of correspondences for moving services or travel bureaus for men looking for apartments or homes.

The messages culminated with one describing a character in retirement, who experiences an awakening. And, after 10 minutes of lifeless voices and clips of a President Obama speech edited to say, "We were Guided By Voices," the band finally took the stage for an adoring, if surprisingly small, crowd.

But when the "The Club Is Open" sign lit up, and when the band launched into "A Salty Salute" to begin what would be almost two hours of music, the half-capacity crowd filled the space with their cheers and cries to their heroes.

The message was clear: Yes, we hung it up at one point (to varying degrees), but we've been offered another chance, and we're back.

In fact, lead singer Robert Pollard wasted no time in showing off his trademark leaps and leg kicks to the crowd, sending many turning to their friends in awed laughter and elbow nudges, as if to say, "Can you believe he can still do it?"

Yet it was the entire band that was energized and soaking up every moment, every chance to play Rock Star in front of their fans one more time.

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