Listomania: 10 Signs You're a Closet Dave Matthews Band Fan

Is this poster in your room right now? You're all in, dude.
The Center is pretty busy this weekend.

Rockstar Energy Drinks' UPROAR Fest featuring Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold is tonight, the JoBros and Demi Lovato take over the place on Sunday, and, on Saturday, Dave Matthews Band on Saturday will have things running amok.

Here's the thing about the Dave Matthews Band, though: Their ever-present (we refuse to the use the word prolific) discography is now surprisingly old. Seriously. Would you believe that Under the Table and Dreaming is now 16 years old? 'Cause it is--that sucker came out in 1994.

But, then again, you probably already knew that, superfan.

Oh, stop taking offense. If you're in denial over how big of a fan you are, check that record collection again.

More than four CDs? Well, geez, you might just be a massive fan.

But if you're muttering, "Hey, asshole, Dave Matthews Band sucks a mountain," under your breath, then check out our list after the jump. If you match the criteria, just give up already; you're a huge DMB fan and you need to embrace it already.

Think this dude is the best guitarist ever?

1. You put Tim Reynolds on your "Top Five Guitarists of All Time" list.
Aside from the MRI you'd need if you thought the above, your worn out copy of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Luther College (and lack of any Jimmy Page or Hendrix LPs) gives you away.

At a spread show, dude.

2. You've referred to a Widespread Panic show as a "Spread" show.
Most likely, you've worn a sleeveless tee to this band's concerts. Maybe faux ray bans, too. Maybe it was your first experience with weed? It's OK. Just own up to it. You're a jam band fan, dude. And you've seen Dave Matthews Band at American Airlines Center four times.

You have this tattoo? Might as well own up to it.

3. You call the band DMB.
You don't need to show us your closet; we know you've got a stack of ripped bootleg MP3s from Napster (on that T3 connection).

You have, like, three copies of this album...don't you.

4. When you're alone, you play "Crash Crash Into Me" on the guitar.
It's why you got the guitar, isn't it?

Emotional still from the emotional music video for "Crash Into Me"

5. You cry when you listen to "Crash Crash Into Me"
Whatever, it's like the best song ever.

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