Poster of the Week: Fun Fun Fun Fest's Lineup Reveal

Is it a cop out to pick a winning poster that a) isn't for a local show, and b) won't be taking place for another three months? On both counts: Probably.

But, folks, it was a weak week for submissions. And the above design met our biggest criteria when judging these things: It made its way to our inbox.

Plus, it shows that, through clever use of color and space, an image-less design can be just as effective as a visual-heavy one--and important fact, considering the large number of submissions we receive that are built around (likely illegally) re-appropriated imagery.

Also: We just wanted to look at the impressive Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup again.

Wanna win next week? It's pretty easy: Design a badass poster, and send it in for judgment right here. And get it in ASAP, please. Thanks!

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