Poster of the Week: Amo Joy, Little Birds and Man Factory at The Amsterdam Bar Tonight

Hey, remember those awesome shirts with wolves on them you used to buy from those pamphlets they'd hand out in elementary school? Of course you do. They are, after all, the new hipster chic.

And, actually, they make for a pretty cool poster, too.

Designed by the folks at Magnificent Beard, no strangers to our winners circle here at POTW, this poster is a simple enough, two-color design built for screen-printing. (The folks at Magnificent Beard kindly offer us a little insight into their screen-printing process for this very poster right here.) The poster promotes tonight's show at The Amsterdam Bar from Indianapolis art-pop act Amo Joy, Little Birds and the Street Fighter-obsessed Man Factory.

But it's not just an image of wolves howling at the moon and juxtaposed against an image of outer space. Some thought and effort was put into this piece--particularly the employment of stippling in its design. More than likely, this method was put into place to keep the number of colors to a minimum in the screen-printing process, but it sure adds an added visual allure to the overall aesthetic while it's at it, no? I think so.

Disagree? Well, maybe you prefer the other poster the Magnificent Beard folks designed for this show. They're nothing if not ambitious, those folks.


Think you can do better? Be sure to send your poster design submissions--or any you see, really--to We'll gladly judge you. It's what we do.

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