Picture Show: AC/Dshe and Iron Maidens Shook It All Night Long

Rachel Parker
AC/Dshe's version of Angus Young
​Anybody in the mood for AC/DC song puns? OK then! On Saturday, August 28, tribute bands AC/Dshe and the Iron Maidens (betcha you can guess what they're an homage to) saluted the House of Blues with some rock. And the Iron Maidens put on quite a devilish spectacle, too--a real Highway to Hell!

Sorry. No more. We wouldn't want you to get angry and blow up like T.N.T., would we?

(Dry cough.)

Uh, just go check out Rachel Parker's full slideshow for more photos of Iron Maidens and Dshe's show. Cool? Cool.

Rachel Parker
Iron Maidens
Rachel Parker
Iron Maidens

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