Night Moves: Atomikdog and Twin Shape at Lizard Lounge

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Ray and Peter Lek
First rule at the Lizard Lounge: Don't talk about the Lizard Lounge.
Holy hell, this was a busy music weekend. There was the Toadies' show at the Palladium and the Queensryche Cabaret at the House of Blues, and, of course, a whole bunch of DJs at The Lizard Lounge. On Friday, August 6, headliners Atomikdog and Twin Shape were bumping alongside a host of other DJs for a "Short Circuit" party (not related to the robot) at the long-running DJ spot.

Check out a whole bunch of photos of the night's moves after the jump...

Ray and Peter Lek
Ray and Peter Lek
Ray and Peter Lek

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