The Best "O" Faces from The Air Sex Competition Held at Trees Last Night

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Rachel Parker
Meat Loaf's got a sweaty "O" face.
On any other night, Meat Loaf's show at the House of Blues would've been your go-to happening for thinly veiled onstage innuendo. Meat's idea of subtlety has been free-falling from his early sex-as-fiery-explosion and baseball metaphors to the epic line off his latest album that's also spawned the next great Twitter hashtag that'll blow up any day now.

The Air Sex World Championships over at Trees last night did Meat one better, though, with simulated sex acts involving cows, phone books, tree stumps, along with some plain old-fashioned bondage situations.

Jump for a look at the top five "O" faces that graced the storied stage last night, and see for yourself how Meat stacked up.

Photos by Patrick Michels
Here's your traditional "O" face, delivered from the floor under a huge simulated girl.

More of an "aw" face, this one came with imagined tears drawn from what must've been very real places in the pits of the guy's soul.

Cow goes here.



Check out the rest of the photos in our Air Sex slideshow.

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