HBO's Boardwalk Empire Gets A Lift From Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights' "Devil's Basement." Also? MTV Still Likes The O's.

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Lest there still remained any doubt about the cool factor backing up Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights and, specifically, it's icy-cool, blues jam freak-out "Devil's Basement," some pretty solid arbiters of cool--among them HBO, Martin Scorsese and, uh, Al Capone--have given the band and song a fairly impressive stamp of approval, placing it in the above promo for the pretty-darn-amazing-looking upcoming series Boardwalk Empire. Give the clip a watch--and keep your ears perked up until the 1:15 mark in it, when "Devil's Basement" kicks in. Killer stuff. Literally! (Ba-dum-ching!)

In other news, The O's remain MTV's go-to band when scoring the pensive, small-town backdrop for rural teens with problems: After having already been placed on the once-music-focused channel's 16 and Pregnant show last year, the band popped up last night on an episode of the show If You Really Knew Me, with the opening banjo picks of "Finding It Hard" coming in just in time to remind the audience that life is, like, really hard in West Virginia, y'all.

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