Chris Bosh Talks Dallas Hip-Hop With MTV: "There's Always A New Dance." Well, Yeah.

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Dallas native and Lincoln High School graduate Chris Bosh may be breaking the bank these days as "that other guy who went to the Miami Heat," but the guy who saw his stock rise more this NBA offseason than any other player (maybe in the history of the league), still remembers his roots, growing up in Dallas and listening to hip-hop. No surprise there: The NBA and hip-hop have long been in bed together.

Anyway, as you can see in the above clip, Bosh is still pretty plugged into the local scene--mostly thanks to his younger friends in the area, who can't believe he hasn't heard all the songs that are being jammed in the clubs nowadays. "I always have to play catch-up," Bosh tells MTV.

Ugh. Kids, right?

Actually, in this instance, the eye-rolling should be directed at MTV. Despite no mention of the west coast rap collective Cali Swag District in this interview, gave this story a headline that reads "Chris Bosh Talks Cali Swag District And Dallas Hip-Hop Scene," presumably because Bosh mentions the word "Dougie." Somewhere, Lil Wil's gotta be pissed.

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