Bonus MP3: Soft Environmental Collapse -- "Horse & Buggy Complex"

The Brothers Mudd
Soft Environmental Collapse isn't exactly a new project.

Actually, if you wanna get down to brass tax, the band from brother John and JJ Mudd has been around longer than Ishi, the other project the two brothers play around town in.

For obvious reasons, though--namely, Ishi spiraling out of control into one of the biggest draws around town these days--the progression of the older Soft Environmental Collapse has slowed.

Until, now that is. These days, in addition to their Ishi responsibilities, the Brothers Mudd are also starting to push their Soft Environmental Collapse product as they near the completion of their debut EP.

Likewise, they're booking more and more gigs under the Soft Environmental Collapse banner, trying to get the word out on their efforts on that front. You can see the brothers in action on Tuesday, August 31, at Sons of Hermann Hall where they'll join Denton's Bizarro Kids as the local openers for touring headliners Titus Andronicus.

To help entice people to come out early to Tuesday's show, the Mudds passed along a few of their upcoming EP's tracks, and asked us to pass along one for download to DC9 readers. And while we certainly enjoyed the anthemic, modernized U2 vibe of "A Book About Us," we just can't get the equally ambitious but more immediately accessible "Horse & Buggy Complex" out of our heads. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3: Soft Environmental Collapse -- "Horse & Buggy Complex"

Now you try getting that synth toy piano line out of your head. Got a little bit of a chillwave feel, too, at the risk of pegging these guys too soon.

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