Ten Ironclad Reasons Why Aerosmith Sucks...

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Rachel Parker
In this photo: Steven Tyler's "Yo Mama" mic stand, and his bedazzled New Balances.
They're sometimes called "America's Rock and Roll Band."

And, yes, fastidious Aerosmith fans will shout for the rooftops that "Dream On" is a badass song.

But, au contraire, friends, for there are several facts after the jump that prove the falseness of any "badass" accusation you may make.

In fact, we ask: What major label band has sold out to the rock gods more than Aerosmith, who recently stopped through town for a gig at Superpages.com Center?

Plus, recently, Steven Tyler has shown DNA evidence of suckage with the breaking news that he may host American Idol.

Doesn't get much worse that that, folks. Or does it?

Jump with us to see the list, nay manifesto (for the these "lists" are subject to the realm of opinion, and not hard fact), that points to the massive suckage of one long-standing American rock and roll band: Aerosmith.


1. Because "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" was written for the band by Diane Warren, who also wrote "Unbreak My Heart," and Bon Jovi's "Wild is the Wind."

From igossip.com
Steven Tyler poses after a recent soul draining.

2. Because of the above photo.


3. Because they have a Guitar Hero themed for them.


4. Because the name of their "ongoing" tour is "Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock." "Hacky, Over-Priced Rock Tour" was apparently taken.


5. Because of the the title of this album. Also, this album came with a miniature harmonica that you could "honk on."

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none of this has anything to do with the music on their first 5 albums

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